Accessing Intuition – the Sixth Sense

Over 5 weeks – maximum of 10 participants – 10-12 am or 7-9pm.

Within ourselves, many of us feel intuitively that we are more than our physical body – and some have the intuitive realisation that we have our own continuity. We sense that within us are deeper layers of consciousness. Those who practice meditation may experience states that are different from ‘waking consciousness’. Today with mobile phones, video calls and television it is easy for us to accept the reality of the unseen world. Science is dealing with the ever widening concepts of the nature of matter and energy and we are better able to grasp ideas that include invisible forces. Therefore it’s not too difficult to imagine that humans have subtler aspects made of finer matter.

This course is designed to develop your self awareness and intuition. The use of our senses is automatic and commonplace for most of us, touching, hearing, seeing, tasting and smelling but we have another sense – that extra sensory sense, the inner knowing that we all use consciously or unconsciously. Often called the ‘Sixth Sense’ this perception of the unseen world is an ability that we all have. When we learn to become aware of it and use it consciously, it can help and support us. This is a practical course with lots of fun exercises for use in our everyday life. Like any other skill it takes practice.

During the course you will first learn what your sense preference is, then how you determine how you pick up the subtle information from the unseen world, and how to tune into your intuition.

The latest scientific evidence is presented that affirms the existence of these unseen realms and their connections.